Plastic Industry

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Plastic industries are gaining notable importance in different spheres of our lives. They are facing a severe demand crunch in the domestic industry and also the unpredictability of material availability. To clear all this chaos there is a need for proper resource planning with a centralized system to keep a track of all the data and resources with a managing schedule to meet customer needs.

Tech Integra ERP is the most accepted solution to manage all the process smoothly in the plastic industry while resolving all the problems and accelerating the production and management with increasing demand.

Why Tech Integra ERP?

• Product Quality
• Automated production control
• Manages lawless production schedule
• Effective workforce management
• Eliminates human errors
• Production Scheduling

• Materials Consumption Monitoring
• Documentation Storage
• Traceability and Tracking
• Tooling Controls
• Batch Production and Quality
• Order Processing & Automation

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