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Tech Integra ERP - 101 reasons

101 reasons to 'Why Tech Integra Open Source ERP Sofware'

  • User friendly

    It's easy to work on Tech Integra ERP software on your first login since we will ensure your understanding about software is perfect, all you may require to learn Tech Integra ERP Software is the basic knowledge of working on a computer.

  • Web based

    You do not have to install anything on your computer. Tech Integra ERP is cloud based ERP software system. That means you can use it in our cloud server.

  • 24/7 support

    Team Tech Integra ERP is there to offer support 24/7 to help with any problem you encounter or answer any questions you may have about Tech Integra ERP.

  • Multis solution

  • Custom data import tools available for easy migration from your existing software

  • Use in any location

    Use Tech Integra ERP in any kind of business industry - manufacturing, trading, wholesale, which needs to manage production, inventory, sales, purchase, human resource, finance and accounting and a whole lot more, Tech Integra ERP is the ultimate solution

  • Customer Centric Approach

    Tech Integra ERP is a product which is constantly being updated based on data driven by our customers and their feedback.

  • CCE

    Built after incorporating the latest php technology generates insightful reports.

  • Custom reports

    Customize reports the way you want with the custom report plugin.

  • Data privacy

    We offer every business organisation full privacy to their data as the data is fully secure while being stored in Tech Integra Solutions Cloud.

  • Affordable pricing

    Tech Integra ERP offers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of any ERP software in the manufacturing industry. Business organisations of any size can easily afford the Tech Integra solutions and services.

  • Payroll

    Manage payrolls of different employees in your organisation using the human resource module

  • SMS integration

    Tech Integra ERP comes with SMS integration, which you can use for communications even if you don’t have messaging service.

  • Online renewals on the go

    Tech Integra ERP allows customers to pay the renewals online, which means customers can pay the renewals on the go, even from their mobiles.

  • Eco friendly

    Using Tech Integra ERP makes your organisation eco friendly as all data and your reports are stored on the cloud, the use of paper and files are necessary only when needed.

  • Tech Integra ERP is perfect for e-Gov projects and provides significant cost savings.

  • Grow from managing your business to developing your business

    Concentrate on developing your business while Tech Integra ERP manages your business.

  • Security

    All data is secured. Don't worry about any crucial information being stolen. Tech Integra ERP protects your data.

  • Customization ready

    If the basic version of Tech Integra ERP Software does not exactly match your requirements you can customize it because we are experts at customizations.

  • Open source

    The core modules of Tech Integra ERP are open source. This means we can add customization.

  • API

    Build applications that communicate with Tech Integra ERP at your organisation and extend the possibilities of Tech Integra ERP

  • Empower your employees

    Tech Integra ERP empowers your employees by providing them with analytics about their performances, attendance etc.

  • Multi Language

    Tech Integra ERP offers software in multi languages which makes it easy to use

  • PHP

    The powerful programming framework, PHP, is the foundation on which Tech Integra ERP is built.

  • Action search

    The innovative action search of Tech Integra ERP allows users to get access to various other features through a simple search on the top menu.

  • Plugin friendly

    Tech Integra ERP Software System is plugin friendly and allows you to activate or deactivate various plugins to suit your needs.

  • Wide range of services

    With Tech Integra ERP offers you a variety of other services like installation, customization, support, hosting, integration, training services and implementation

  • Admin and user login

    Both admin and users have their own individual login access to Tech Integra ERP, which allows them to view their dashboard from anywhere in the world.

  • Employee Login

    Admin and other staff have separate login access to Tech Integra ERP. Use this feature to automate the systems and processes of your business.

  • Control privileges

    Tech Integra ERP advanced user management function allow you to assign different privileges to different users.

  • File attachments

    Attach files of all popular formats easily.

  • New features constantly

    New features and functionality are frequently added to enhance Tech Integra ERP

  • No unnecessary features

    All of Tech Integra ERP features are useful and valuable with no spurious functionality.

  • Graphical user Interfaces

    Tech Integra ERP interacts with a computer using items such as windows, icons, and menus, used by most modern operating systems

  • Secure password management

    Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime for complete security

  • Cutting edge user experience

    Tech Integra ERP user interface and excellent user experience is the result of extensive research and clever design.

  • Available both for download or on-demand

    You may choose to let Tech Integra ERP server host your system or you can host it on your server

  • Manage multiple locations

    You can easily manage a number of locations within the same installation of Tech Integra ERP.

  • Tech Integra ERP is the ultimate solution for managing business in large organizations.

    Tech Integra ERP already has over all the modules any manufacturing unit may need and many more are in the pipeline. They are suitable for all organisations globally.

  • Inventory details instantly available

    Complete details of inventory are instantly available.

  • Revenue powered development

    Tech Integra Solutions Development is funded by the revenues generated from Tech Integra ERP Pro, the pro version of Tech Integra ERP.

  • Business friendly

    Tech Integra ERP is licensed under Apache License 2.0, which enables businesses to retain ownership of the software.

  • PHP expertise

    Our PHP developers are professionals. They are here to help you with customizing and fine tuning Tech Integra ERP if you wish.

  • Start earning with Tech Integra solutions

    Are you a freelancer? You can earn extra income through Tech Integra Solutions and its related services.

  • Analyze employee performance

    Tech Integra ERP allows you to store information about the past history of your employees to let you analyze performance.

  • Send SMS and automatic alerts to suppliers and customers on their mobile phones

  • Production module

    Tech Integra ERP simple yet powerful production module helps your organization’s production function efficiently.

  • Do great things

    Tech Integra ERP has a feature human resource management module for your employees to stay productive

  • Easy attachments

    Provide more information to suppliers, customers, workers etc through images and documents that can be downloaded by them to use.

  • Tech Integra ERP provides unique ID for all

  • Free Demo

    Try Tech Integra ERP for free before you purchase it. Find out how Tech Integra ERP will fit into your organization in the trial period and understand all its features.

  • Easily accessible everywhere

    Tech Integra ERP is hosted on the cloud, which means, users and admins can always access Tech Integra ERP on the fly from anywhere.

  • User Document Storage

    Tech Integra ERP allows every user to upload and save their documents so that they never have to misplace them again.

  • Most trusted ERP

    Tech Integra ERP is trusted by more than 100+ companies.

  • Easy login

    Tech Integra ERP can be easily logged in with username and password.

  • Inventory management

    Manage your company’s inventory with Tech Integra ERP.

  • Customer success focus

    We at Tech Integra Solutions believe that your success is our success. Our focus is always on helping you achieve your goals with Tech Integra ERP.

  • Smooth transition from your legacy system

    Yes, all your previous data easily fits into Tech Integra ERP and you are up and running in no time.

  • Never delete anything again

    With Tech Integra Solutions, you will never have a problem with storing data, or concerns about storage space.

  • Tech Integra ERP - high quality, low price

    Tech Integra ERP is the best manufacturing ERP software solution in the market and at the same time is the most affordable one available!

  • Tech Integra Solutions is evolving

    Tech Integra Solutions is constantly evolving to meet the needs of all business industries.

  • Invoices

    Generate well designed and clear invoices that you can print or email in A4, A5 paper sizes.

  • Printer friendly

    With Tech Integra ERP you can print in Dot Matrix, Laser, Inkjet or Thermal printers.

  • Reminders

    Set reminder for important tasks.

  • Data Builder

    Create suppliers and customer’s data in Tech Integra ERP and collect valuable information from your employees.

  • Third party plugins

    Almost anything is possible in Tech Integra ERP with third party plugins.

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